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Achieve that new level of wellness with Green Element 365. Based around Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, we create cold pressed organic juices made from locally sourced fruits and vegetables. We stand by our work and we stand by our products.

The Green Element 365 kind of person is on the go a lot of the time, which makes it hard to get all of the required nutrients your body needs to properly function, much less thrive.

At our juicery, our organic and locally sourced ingredients are selected based on providing the best value for long-term health benefits. From cold pressed juice drinks, including orange juice, beet hangover, and sol, to Acai Bowls and organic coolers, our selection is expansive and accommodates your expectations of a healthy, all-natural beverage. We invite you to experience the natural life at our juice bar.

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What Makes Us Different

Process of the Press
Green Element 365 - Organic

Green Element 365’s hand crafted juices are cold pressed, meaning we use a hydraulic press to extract all of the essential nutrients, enzymes, and juices from our fruits and vegetables. As your juice is pressed, there is zero additional heat and oxygen used during the process, which means that zero nutrients are lost, which is an added benefit over traditional pasteurization.

Green Element 365 - Natural

Green Element 365 uses organic, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. We take each piece of fruit or vegetable through a rigorous screening and cleaning process before we cold press them, creating an exciting array of flavors and blends. We have a different kind of juice that can fit your particular needs, whether you need an immune system boost or a midday turbo charge.

Green Element 365 - Healthy

Cold pressed juices can offer many health benefits. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of crucial vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants (like flavonoids). Cold pressed juices are a fantastic way to get many of these nutrients and compounds delivered to your body in one sitting. The cold pressed process helps the juice keep more of its vitamins as they are exposed to minimal heat and air.

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